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Resilient Responses @ Tate Modern

Performed live to camera in the empty tanks of the Tate Modern during lockdown, join artists Thomas Heyes, Ekin Bernay and Rowdy SS with special guest Rebecca Bellantoni, as they respond through movement, sound and spoken word. Their rich multi-sensory responses encourage us to consider what it means to be human and resilient. Maddie I […]

Café Writers, May 2021

We’re putting three of our new writers to the test this week by inviting them to review the May event for Café Writers, a virtual open-mic night. The event was headlined by Tiffany Atkinson and the UEA Ink, Sweat & Tears scholars. Did the poetry tug at the viewers’ heartstrings without the added allure of […]

girl in red: ‘if i could make it go quiet’ LP

22 year old Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven, also known as girl in red has built up a steadily growing following since her first release ‘i wanna be your girlfriend’ in 2018. Her debut full length album, ‘if i could make it go quiet’ was released this week. Three of our rrramble writers donned their headphones […]

Zadie Smith: The Embassy Of Cambodia

 ‘The fact is, if we followed the history of every little country in the world — in its dramatic as well as its quiet times — we would have no space left in which to live our own lives or apply ourselves to our necessary tasks, never mind indulge in occasional pleasures, like swimming . […]


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