We are expanding our writers pool!

At rrramble, our main mission is to provide a diversity of opinion – no one voice should be taken as the gospel truth, and our differing opinions and experiences are what make life interesting.

We’re looking for additions to our fabulous team of writers, and will ensure that as we expand, diversity stays at rrramble’s core – in every sense of the word. As such, we’d like to recruit a rrramble team with varying backgrounds, interests, identities, specialisms, and opinions to really do our mission statement justice.

Don’t worry about previous reviewing experience; if you have an active interest in the arts, and would like to share your unique perspective on it – we’d love to hear from you!

Deadline: end of day, Monday 22nd March.

For any questions, contact rrrambleblog@gmail.com or message us on our socials.

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