mission statement.

rrramble is a unique platform for creatives, created to combat the idea that one singular review can either condemn or immortalise a piece of art. We believe that diversity of opinion is what makes life interesting, and that this is something often sorely overlooked in the Arts. The views of a bunch of straight white men in suits should not be taken as gospel. That’s where rrramble comes in.

Every review by rrramble includes multiple perspectives, opinions and verdicts. You’ll never see a review here by just one writer: by providing a multitude of views, we hope to empower you to make your own mind up about the pieces of art we feature. 

We think it’s important that reviews don’t just come from a faceless figure behind a keyboard; Art is all about people, and we believe that’s important to remember. To help you figure out who you might agree (or disagree) with, and to get a sense of the experiences that may have shaped their opinions, you can find a bio about each writer on our ‘meet the team’ page. rrramble is a platform for creatives to publish their thoughts on current affairs within the arts sector as well as reviews. 

We’re also aware that the term ‘Art’ (with a capital A) is in itself a little daunting. We want rrramble to be a place for any kind of art that we feel is interesting; from mix tapes, to theatre productions, to Netflix shows, to a poetry night held in a living room – nothing is too big or too small to be considered worth reviewing. 

The core team at rrramble started this blog purely because we believe in diversifying the critical voices in the arts sector – we aren’t funded, and juggle rrramble alongside our jobs in the arts. No matter what we say, we’ll be honest, every time. And if you disagree? Hey, that’s just part of the fun.

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